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Why did we choose to use donkey milk?

You should know that Donkey’s milk (17.2 g of protein per liter of milk) is the closest to breast milk (between 9-15 g of protein per liter of milk). Its properties are very beneficial whether it is used in cosmetics or for nutritional use.

In addition, donkey milk has been used for millennia to take care of the skin. Indeed, in ancient Egypt, Cleopatra took baths in donkey’s milk. Long before her, the Egyptians were already using this milk to promote the healing of wounds. The Romans and Greeks use it as a remedy. We therefore notice that donkey’s milk is not just a fashion effect, but a real way of life for its users!

The benefits

Donkey milk is known to revitalize, fortify and moisturize the skin very effectively. It is also used for hair care.

It is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, D, C and E, these vitamins are essential for the proper functioning of the human body!

it contains essential fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6) also very present in breast milk.

It can treat many skin irritations such as eczema or psoriasis, to name only the best known.

The Team

Muriel et Michael Desse

For us and our family business, donkey milk is not just an organic product, it is a way of life that we have made our own for over 20 years. We invest ourselves every day to provide you with a quality product that improves your daily life and the well-being of each of our customers. We are a close-knit and motivated team and we guarantee you complete satisfaction with our Asinus ranges..

Le Salon de L'agriculture 2020

Our Satisfied Customers

“Hello. Just a testimony in the context of confinement, since March 17, we have been invited to wash our hands at all times and much more than usual… In principle, I used soaps purchased from a brand of perfume… but after a few days, I had the skin of my hands and the top of my wrists all scaly, dried out… I remembered that I had bought, at the last Salon de l ‘Agriculture 2020 in Paris, donkey milk soaps for gifts… So I opened one and have been using it ever since… My hands are no longer scaly and they feel much better So thank you! A new buyer…”
Veronique R.

“Hello, I tested your products last summer and I am 100% satisfied with them. I wanted to know if you are delivering to the Paris region during this period of confinement. Thank you.”
Jocelyne S.

“Hello, I wanted to inform you that the first package was received today. We are delighted. Have a good day and see you soon!”
Stephanie H.


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